Fleurco Luna

The bathroom is an important aspect of our home for my partner and I. We both take pride in how we look (do not get me started on his hair), and find ourselves fighting for time in the morning. Anyone who works a lot with mirrors putting on make-up, getting ready for an important meeting or styling hair knows that sometimes a basic mirror doesn’t cut it. Fleurco has a solution, and an added touch that brings it above the rest.

Lighted mirrors are a trend that I would like to see stay for a while. Not only do they make getting ready easier (lighting really is everything, and bulbs do not always do the trick), but they also can provide energy savings over running multiple bulbs through the science of LEDs.

Mirrors with integrated lighting are not new to the bathroom scene, mirrors with lighting that is seamlessly integrated are rarer. When a quality set comes up at a great price it is hard to resist.

While the proper lighting in a bathroom is important, an additional reason why I am a fan of this line by Fleurco is that the range of sizes means it could be used anywhere in the house – they even have a full length version that is perfect for a walk-in closet or hall near your entryway. Throw in two different styles of lighting and you have a one stop shop for minimalist mirrors.

While I said that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning, and are often fighting for mirror time, the final feature that I wanted to talk about in a Fleurco Luna mirror helps save time, and makes those mornings easier. We have a particularly small bathroom, and like particularly warm showers. This means our mirror easily fogs up and takes time to wipe down or de-fog, not to mention the cleaning that has to happen after with all the streaks that seem to accumulate. Luna mirrors solve this easily, and include a defogger pad in the middle of the mirror so that this no longer an issue.

Bonus: The Luna line has matching wall-mounted vanities that save space and will take your modern or contemporary bathroom to the next level.

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Braden Freer

By: Braden Freer

Braden works at the Ensuite Bath and Kitchen Showroom in London, Ontario.