Brizo Litze

This line by Brizo is tied for my favourite series of faucets. This line adds a touch of industrial chic to any space. When you see it in luxe gold, or with wooden handle accents you will want to replace every single faucet you have with it. By now you may have realized that I like things that are either more modern, or more traditional, and my absolute favourite scenario is where I can mix the two. This is easily done with the Litze line and its gilded faucets.

The first thing that I noticed about this line was the uniqueness of the finishes. It is not often that you would see real wood pieces inlayed into the handle of a faucet, or knurling (a manufacturing process which results in a pattern of lines being rolled into the material). Where this line truly begins to shine in my eyes is in its kitchen line. The Litze kitchen faucets come in matte black – which is stunning on its own – or in matte black with luxe gold accents. Furthermore, they have a range of styles and handle selections to make this faucet feel truly customized to your kitchen. Done, sold, I need them all (and I only have one kitchen).

Braden Freer

By: Braden Freer

Braden works at the Ensuite Bath and Kitchen Showroom in London, Ontario.

Brizo Litze
Brizo Litze

Bonus Shoutout: the bridge faucet with sprayer. I increasingly see more stylized laundry facilities in homes, where clients often opt for a kitchen faucet rather than a traditional looking laundry tub faucet. If you want something that matches the more utilitarian focus of a laundry room, but gets marks for style, try the Litze bridge faucet with a square spout, industrial handle, and side sprayer. You get all the function of a pull-out faucet, with all the style Brizo has to offer.

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