Kohler Veil

In the last ten years in the plumbing industry I have witnessed a lot of new, beautiful products introduced into the marketplace. Recently there has been a renewed emphasis on style, particularly in bathroom design.

In today’s market however, it is exciting what this renewal is delivering when we mix design with technology. There is something interesting and exciting about what we can now do with water and technology merging together in the space.

One of my new favorite products at the intersection of design and technological innovation is Kohler's Veil toilet. Not only does the new Veil toilet have a gorgeous sleek design, it is on the cutting edge of innovation with respect to cleanliness. The long graceful lines and easy to clean exterior mesh perfectly with its self-cleaning technology and state of the art built in bidet functionality. The seat warmer, night light, UV and deodorizers really make the Veil a leader in clean innovation all without sacrificing fashion appeal. Oh and I almost forgot, its comfortable to sit on.

Tara Hotson

By: Tara Hotson

Tara is a Showroom Supervisor at the Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom in Kitchener, On.