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Longevity Acrylics

Bathware products are not created equal

Your new bathroom will be a focal point in your home and your life. A place where beauty, comfort, durability, and function are paramount. Choosing bathware products from Longevity Acrylics will ensure that you get all of those things – for a lifetime.

Bathware can be manufactured in many ways, using a variety of materials – fiberglass, steel, extruded veneers. Longevity Acrylics bathware is superior to all of these because it is molded from 100% cast acrylic backed with a unique blend of fibreglass resin that’s smooth to the touch. This combination makes our products rigid and durable against cracks and chips. Scratches can be buffed out to the product’s original sheen.

Because we manufacture our own designs in Ontario, Canada, we can provide customization, fast turnaround, and high-quality workmanship. Whatever your bathware need, we can make it happen: choose the position of grab rails; add a seat; add lights and therapeutic spa systems; find a special design for aging-at-home or custom care.


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