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What makes every Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom experience unique & informative.

At The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms in Ontario, our team of non-commissioned Showroom Consultants pair with top-tier products to create an exclusive destination for discerning homeowners, visionary designers, and seasoned professionals. Experience our no-pressure, consultative approach tailored to meet your specific project needs.

Design inspiration fuels creative solutions

Style & Substance

With a wide variety of bath and kitchen products available, we offer affordable luxury and style for every home and every budget. Contemporary to classic, we can help you find the exact products to create the space you envision.

It's what makes us different from the rest.

In the realm of plumbing fixtures, The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms stand out as design leaders. Since our first showroom in 1988, we've been synonymous with high-quality bath and kitchen products, curated environments reflecting the latest trends and a team of seasoned design consultants.

Our spaces transcend mere functionality, offering personalized experiences where form and function seamlessly merge. We believe in creating inspiring spaces that elevate daily living. Step into our showrooms, where plumbing fixture artistry meets the vision of expert design consultants.

Showroom consultantion @ The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showrooms

Why choose
The Ensuite?

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Not every project, person or space is the same. Our one-on-one consultations with experienced design and product experts help to guide you through product selection and recommendations based on preference and budget.

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Get a real idea of products and fixtures before you buy! Our showrooms display hundreds of products that you can visually inspect, feel and operate...making the buying decision even easier. You get a great idea of product quality and functionality before you ever get it home!

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Our showrooms are designed to be immersive, showcasing products in real-life, contemporary environments allowing you to better visualize how products and fixtures will look in your own space.

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Many of our showrooms offer special events, product launches and design seminars offering you an inside look at the latest trends in home design, new and upcoming products and exclusive sales.

Discover. Explore. Experience.

Have a bath or kitchen project
you want to discuss?

We invite you to schedule an appointment at The Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Showroom nearest to you, ensuring a tailored and optimal showroom experience that caters precisely to your bath and/or kitchen project requirements. Appointments can be conveniently arranged via phone, email, or in person, allowing us to dedicate our attention to understanding your unique needs and providing our expert guidance.

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