Waterstone Faucets was founded in 1999 by Chris Kuran. At its’ inception, the company primarily provided top quality parts and finished components to large manufacturers that made and sold drinking water filtration systems.

As the news of Waterstone’s quality parts and timely deliveries spread throughout the industry, customers began requesting that Waterstone provide small institutional drinking water faucets in custom finishes.

Recognizing these requests as a niche opportunity, Waterstone decided to change course and begin the production of high quality Water Filtration Faucets in numerous finishes to match the higher end kitchen faucets that were being sold for designer kitchens.

Waterstone made the decision to add Kitchen Faucets and related items to its product offerings. In typical fashion, Waterstone started from the ground up and designed, developed and engineered a full line of Kitchen Faucet products to match its Water Filtration Faucets. The guiding focus and desire was to manufacture products that would match the uniqueness of the original ground breaking Filtration Faucet designs.